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Louise Blackwick's Weavers' Wall

Welcome home, fellow Weaver! It’s a true honour to have you on board!

I created the Weavers’ Wall to credit and honour my wonderful patrons, who support me on my journey as author, thinker and digital artist. If you’d like your name to be written on the Weavers’ Wall too, come on over and join me on Patreon! I share fantasy, science-fiction and psychological thrillers with Jungian imagery and exclusive digital artworks.

As a Weaver, I hope you can help me weave a thread of gold into the fabric of our reality!

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The Explorers

Walter van Kaap
Tim Heesink
... and 2 anonymous Patrons

The Sages

Richard Burgin
Johanneke van der Bijl
Lorette M.R.
Sir Read-a-Lot
Jeremy Sachs
... and 4 anonymous Patrons

The Heroes

John Letlow
... and 1 anonymous Patron

The Caregivers

Richard Kingsley
Tony S.

The Magicians


The Rulers

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The Creators

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The Self

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Vivian Amberville and Kaap on Louise Blackwick's Weavers' Wall

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