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Louise Blackwick's books are not stopped by borders! Her books are delivered worldwide, with perhaps the only exception being those areas around the globe where postal services are currently unavailable.

Postal and package services deserve to be paid for their duty. That's why we have to take those costs into account for smaller orders. Total shipment costs are calculated according to your country, with the origin being our home country of The Netherlands. Shipment costs may vary, the further our package will have to travel. See the table below for details.

The good news is that we drop the shipment costs for larger orders! The total order value determines whether shipment will be free. That means that eBooks will count towards the free shipment too. So feel free to add eBooks to your order if you want free shipping on a paper book!

Region Shipment costs Free delivery from
The Netherlands $5.55 $60.00
Belgium, Denmark, Germany, France, Luxembourg, Austria, Italy, Spain and Sweden $11.16 $60.00
All other European countries and areas $16.76 $60.00
All other countries, including United States, Australia, Canada, New-Zealand $22.37 $60.00

Shipment costs will be estimated in your shopping cart and finalized during checkout.

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