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A Hope Among Stars Tea Blend - 30 gram refill

Type: Tea


January 1, 2023

"You meet some unlikely survivors, but can you ever trust them? The walls close in on the DIANet building and you cannot get out. You feel the Neon God’s judgement upon you. Your only hope is the Exodus II, the very last shuttle to leave the planet. Just 4 days left to the Close."

The flowery tea blend known as "_a hope among stars" contains camomile, rose petals, cornflower and marigold. It was blended using only organically-grown, carefully selected ingredients of the highest quality available, dried and hard-pressed, and retains a gentle and textured flowery taste. The bright-blue cornflower adds a unique texture to the taste, whereas the calming yellow notes of camomile and marigold and the sweet and soft pink rose petals pull you further into the story.

For maximum taste and texture, we advise using 1-2 teaspoons (1-2 grams) per cup, allowing it to soak in 100 °C (212 °F) hot water, for no more than 4-5 minutes. Because of the medicinal properties of cornflower and marigold, we recommend no more than 1 cup per time and no more than 2-3 cups per day. The tea blend can be served with (or without) honey.

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