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Vivian Amberville - The Book of Chaos

Type: Paperback


Coming soon!

Coming soon!

"Follow the Dark and where it's leading you..." 

Vivian Amberville® is a bestselling philosophical fantasy book series about a girl whose imagination can reshape reality.

Second in the Vivian Amberville fantasy series, "The Book of Chaos" centres around Vivian’s attendance at the “Alarian School of Thought”, an illusive place where students learn the noble and dangerous art of “altering the substance of reality”.

The universe that spanned millions of fans worldwide and captured readers imagination all around the world invites you to journey alongside unforgettable heroes you would want to take home.

Fantasy like never told before: a mythical fiction of friendship and acceptance; of fate and free will; of destiny and despair; of extraordinary ordinary heroes and their reality-changing journeys.

Preliminary synopsis

Vivian’s powers over reality have taken a dark turn.

Believed to be a Weft – the complete opposite of a Weaver – Vivian’s powers must be brought under control, lest they consume the substance of creation.

Under the looming threat of cosmogonic Chaos, Vivian will once again travel beyond the fabric of reality and attend the “Alarian School of Thought”, a place where Weavers are made and Wefts are notoriously unmade.

Joined by friends and challenged by foes, Vivian must learn the noble and dangerous art of “weaving into the fabric of reality”, in a world now complicated by war, disease and political strife.

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Epic philosophical fantasy

Date of publishing:
(not set)

Young adult, coming of age, epic adventure, social satire

Double-dystopia: futuristic dystopia and fantasy world

Responsibility over Creation, time travel, parallel universes, mind over matter, matter manipulation

Free will vs. determinism, order vs. chaos, freedom and responsibility, embracing your shadow, family, friendship, sacrifice

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