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Vivian Amberville - The Weaver of Odds eBook

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November 23, 2016

Vivian lives in a cage, in Ala Spuria's Shelter for Strays and has never tasted real food. When one of the other orphans gives Vivian hope, she discovers a hidden power to reshape her circumstances completely.

From the English town of Milton Keynes, Vivian discovers a neighbouring universe, where Alarian Weavers - an ancient race of powerful beings - have perfected a way of altering reality. By weaving Threads into the fabric of the cosmos, the Weavers strive to imprison freewill, banish Chaos and bring balance to cosmic reality.

Faced with a sudden hole in the Pattern of Threads that threatens to consume the substance of everything, it is up to 13-year-old Vivian Amberville to repair the damage. Believed to be a formidable weaver of odds and circumstances, Vivian must now attend the Weaver Trials and master the mysterious art of "Weaving into reality" in hope of preventing the impending apocalypse.

Together with her friends, Patricia Kate, Lucian Blossom and Acciper Sparrowhawk, Vivian stumbles upon terrible insights into her identity as she explores the spellbinding and hazardous Alarian world, Ærria.

About the book

Vivian Amberville® is a bestselling philosophical fantasy book series about a girl whose thoughts can control and reshape reality.

The main protagonist, Vivian is an orphaned child who uncovers her imagination can influence certain events, and even twist reality into impossible shapes - a mind-over-matter ability called "Weaving".

But Vivian’s powers prove hazardous to keeping the universal balance. Beyond the fabric of reality, she finds herself in the custody of the original Weavers, thrown head-first into the most dangerous competition the multiverse has ever known: The Weaver Trials.

The universe that spanned millions of fans worldwide and captured readers imagination all around the world invites you to journey alongside unforgettable heroes you would want to take home. Fantasy like never told before: a mythical fiction of friendship and acceptance; of fate and free will; of destiny and despair; of extraordinary ordinary heroes and their reality-changing journeys.

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Vivian Amberville - The Weaver of Odds Paperback

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Epic Fantasy, Dystopian Fiction

Date of publishing:
November 23, 2016

Young Adult, Coming of Age

Futuristic dystopia, fantasy world

Time travel, parallel universes, mind over matter, matter manipulation

Adventure, social satire

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