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Five Stars Experience Package

Louise Blackwick's 5 Stars Tea 1: the Neon God's Algorithm
Louise Blackwick's 5 Stars Tea 2: a hope among stars
Louise Blackwick's 5 Stars Tea 3: forests of Neon
Louise Blackwick's 5 Stars Tea 4: the gathering Dark
Louise Blackwick's 5 Stars Tea 5: apocalypse by Darkness

Type: Experience Package with Hardback


November 30, 2022

Available November 30, 2022!

Louise Blackwick presents you with a never before seen or tried, special edition giftbox: the Five Stars Experience Package. Next to the hardcover edition of the bestselling book "Five Stars", this giftbox includes 5 tea blends, 3 scented candles and a collector's edition bookmark.

The tea blends are specifically chosen by Louise Blackwick to reflect each day of The Close, the final event that will end the world of "5 Stars" in exactly 5 days. The flavours tickle your senses as they take you along on Aurora's journey through Neon and Dark; from the ruins of the DIANet building, to the launchpad of the Exodus II spaceshuttle.

The scented candles infuse additional depth to Aurora's travels, reflecting the delapidated city of New Vega al-Nasr and its nanochrome-infected residents. With a tiny baby abreast, Aurora will face the wrath of the Neon God - the ubiquitous, hive-mind A.I. controlling the city of New Vega - and will struggle to beat his sadistic and cruel Algorithm.

Alongside enemies and friends, Aurora must meet the Neon God's every challenge without losing sight of her final goal: to escape the Apocalypse and seek refuge among stars!

The Experience Package as a giftbox

We've done our utmost to create a special edition Experience Package. It will come in an all-black giftbox, its contents wrapped in a stars-themed foil paper. The giftbox includes:

Five Stars hardback edition

The hardcover edition of Five Stars is printed on high quality paper with a luxurious matte finished cover. At 220 pages, this hardback will be a beautiful addition to your bookshelf. 

It is only five days until humanity's end. Five unlikely heroes find themselves and each other in the city of New Vega al-Nasr. Their only goal: to escape the Apocalypse by Darkness.

Aurora, Stella, Rolf, Tümay and Sorano will set off on a rat's race against the Neon God's Algorithm in order to secure a ticket for the last shuttle leaving the Earth. While New Vega is crumbling under the totalitarian rule of the Neon God, these five unlikely heroes will battle crime, civil unrest and futuristic technology to collect 5 "Gold Stars", a difficult to obtain, merit-based currency. Only those with 5 Gold Stars will be able to secure their seat on the last shuttle to Luna, leaving all others to be engulfed by the corrosive Darkness creeping closer and closer each day.

The reader follows Aurora and her amputee baby daughter, Star, through the remnants of an apocalyptic disaster, a neon-lit city of the future and finally through the heart of Darkness itself. 

5 tea blends, one for each day of The Close

The Experience Package includes 5 different tea blends. Each tea contains 15 gram (0,53 oz) in a colourful, luxury, reclosable packing with a unique tea card attached.

_the Neon God's Algorithm: a fine herbal blend to start off your journey alongside Aurora and her baby Star. This tea strengthens your will to live and provides the much needed power to avoid the Apocalypse.

_a hope among stars: with only four days left, you need to stay in the game. There's no giving up, for the Darkness is closing in. This flowery tea blend not only has healing powers, but provides hope as well.

_forest of Neon: the city of New Vega al-Nasr awaits you. Lit by its many neon signs, you cannot escape the presence of countless black screens, operated by the Neon God and his cultists. In the vertical forest of concrete and neon, this fruity tea blend keeps you energized and focused. It will shield you from the horrors that lie ahead.

_the gathering Dark: the Dark is closing in and you are still nowhere close to escaping the impending doom. And within the Dragon's den, you will be subjected to humanity's sins and depravity. The only way to survive the Darkness is to take it into yourself. This aromatic black tea blend will protect you against the oncoming Deep Dark.

_apocalypse by Darkness: it is the last day of the world, the day of the Apocalypse. You are surrounded from all sides by enemies, and the all-destroying Dark is now on your doorstep. This herbal tea blend is a bit spicy, but that's precisely the fuel you need to keep going. Will you make it to the shuttle? Tick-tock, better hurry up. Your time is running out fast!

3 scented candles

The Experience Package contains three scented tea light candles. Light them in any order you like. The candles fill your room with an additional sensory experience that reflect on the doomed world you have just entered. The scents are sweet and soft, adding a touch of nature to the bare, concrete environs of New Vega al-Nasr. Because that's your ultimate goal: to escape the Apocalypse, make it to the shuttle, and seek salvation among stars.

1 Collector's Edition bookmark

We have added the Collector's Edition bookmark to the Experience Package. 


Other available formats

This book is also available in other formats.

Five Stars eBook

Five Stars - The Neon God is Your Judge cover

Type: eBook


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Five Stars Hardback

Five Stars by Louise Blackwick - Hardback edition

Type: Hardback


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Experience Package with Hardback



Neon Science-Fiction, Survival Thriller

Date of publishing:
November 30, 2022

Science-Fiction, Jungian fiction, social satire

futuristic totalitarian dystopia, global apocalypse, crumbling civilization

Nature and technology, digital totalitarianism, meta-reality, social commentary, the nature of reality

inner and outer self, ideology vs. identity, will to survive, darkness and light, escapism, motherhood, love, sacrifice and redemption

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