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Five Stars Hardback

Type: Hardback


November 30, 2022

Available November 30, 2022!

Upon the success of the Five Stars eBook, the mindbending story now comes in a Hardback edition! The science-fiction survival story of Aurora and her baby Star brings the reader to the city of New Vega al-Nasr. As the Darkness swallows the city, escape from impending apocalypse is only possible on the last spaceship to leave Earth, the Exodus II. But to obtain a seat on the shuttle, one must receive five gold stars from "The Neon God", the deceitful and ubiquitous A.I. controlling the metropolis.

About the Book

It is only five days until humanity ends. Five unlikely heroes find themselves and each other in the city of New Vega al-Nasr. Their only goal is to escape the apocalypse.

Aurora, Stella, Rolf, Tümay and Sorano will set off on a race against the Neon God's Algorithm, in order to get a ticket for the last shuttle leaving Earth. While New Vega is crumbling under the totalitarian rule of The Neon God, the five heroes battle crime, civil unrest and futuristic technology to collect 5 "Gold Stars", a difficult to obtain, merit-based currency. Only those with 5 Gold Stars will be able to secure their seat on the shuttle to Luna, leaving all others to be engulfed by the Darkness creeping ever closer.

The reader follows Aurora and her baby daughter Star through the remnants of apocalyptic disaster, a neon-lit city of the future and finally through the Darkness itself. 

Hardcover edition

The hardcover/hardback edition of Five Stars is printed on high quality paper with a luxurious matte finished cover. At 220 pages, this hardback will be a beautiful addition to your bookshelf. A Collector's Edition bookmark will be included, for you to easily keep track of your progress through this mindbending journey.

Other available formats

This book is also available in other formats.

Five Stars eBook

Five Stars - The Neon God is Your Judge cover

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Five Stars Experience Package

Five Stars Experience Package

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Neon Science-Fiction, Survival Thriller

Date of publishing:
November 30, 2022

Science-Fiction, Jungian fiction, social satire

futuristic totalitarian dystopia, global apocalypse, crumbling civilization

Nature and technology, digital totalitarianism, meta-reality, social commentary, the nature of reality

inner and outer self, ideology vs. identity, will to survive, darkness and light, escapism, motherhood, love, sacrifice and redemption

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